Hire in haste – Repent at leisure!


Farmers have a lot to consider on a daily basis; the weather; market prices, crop yield, environment, regulation; the list goes on, but do your clients ever spend time thinking about their employment liabilities, even for those few days a year that they employ seasonal staff?

David Capstick, founder member of the Federation of Agricultural Brokers commented, “Hire a person just for 1 day, even if an incident doesn’t occur with that employee, you can be fined £2,500 per day for not being insured and £1,000 for not displaying a current Employers Liability Certificate”. So make sure your clients are aware and have the cover, it’s the law!

FAB launches…

CCIB Meeting 2

5,4,3,2,1…….FAB has launched!

The first meeting of the Federation was held at the offices of CCIB on Monday 2nd June, with an introduction by Anne Pickover and Debbie Airey and guest speakers David Capstick, Paul Bryant, Steven Swift and Mike Clementson.

The meeting was well attended and a great success! We look forward to our second launch meeting at Capsticks in Sedburgh on Monday 9th June!